the influence


I believe in building authentic connection while working with clients to achieve a look that empowers them to move with confidence.


Creating classically beautiful silhouettes & colors that work with a client’s natural features is key to providing style that stands the test of time. 


Using French inspired techniques, with a modern flair & eye for detail, I’m able to deliver results that give you the freedom to love your hair between salon visits.

Nick - Owner
Nick – Owner and Stylist



The History

Studio Evocateur was born out of a passion for beauty & the desire to create an intimate studio space where clients can relax and receive exceptional hair services. With 10+ years behind the chair, I’m able to troubleshoot simple solutions to often frustrating styling concerns. 


Evocateur is the French translation for evocative. This name reflects my dedication to creating a comfortable and relaxed salon environment that leaves clients feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on their day. 

An Experience!

Getting your hair done with Nick is an experience. Not only are you getting an amazing haircut /color/ treatment, you are also spending time with someone who is very intelligent, honest, kind, and funny. When i first met Nick he saved my hair and made me feel confident again. Six years later and he’s the only one allowed to touch my hair and I send all my friends and family to him. You won’t be disappointed by the service or the entertainment.

Ashley S

An Awesome Person!

What can I say?… not nearly enough… I stumbled across Nick in 2015, at a prior salon and have followed him ever since!! I’ve always told him that he should be working in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood … as he is the most amazing hair dresser ever!! Not only is he my hair dresser, he is my friend!! I truly look forward to my appointments, and wish I could come more often. His salon is impeccable, his skills top notch, and he is one of the most awesome human beings I know!! I cannot rave enough about Nick!! I will follow him to the end of the world!! Love you Nick!!

Audrey C

An Artist!

I was looking for a new salon close to home and I found Nick’s salon through Yelp. I liked all the pics of his work, the amazing reviews and how much work he put into the salon’s website and the Instagram page, so I decided to give him a try. I made a consultation appointment through his website and I was very impressed with his knowledge, patience, and attention to detail while explaining the Balayage process that I setup an appointment right away.
He didn’t disappoint me, he took all the time in the world, explained the whole process while he was doing it, treated my hair with love, and the results were magic…He is not a stylist, he is an artist!!!!

I highly recommend Nick if you are looking to add some life to your hair!

Ana M